• ... parce qu'écouter les autres est une perte de temps, considérable ...

          The drops of rain, they fall all over,                        ...  ma sonnerie est magnifique
    This awkward silence makes me crazy
    The glow inside burns light upon her
    i'll try to kiss you if you let me
    **this can't be the end**
    Tidal waves they rip right through me
    Tears from eyes worn cold and sad
    Pick me up now. i need you so bad
    Down. down. down. down.
    ... it gets me so
    Your vows of silence fall all over
    The look in your eyes makes me crazy
    i feel the darkness break upon her
    i'll take you over if you let me
    **you did this**

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    Lundi 26 Mars 2007 à 20:26
    je tadore ma grande soeur
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